Highlights from Fall 2013 Plants & Planets Class

"I took the Plants and Planets Flower Essence class hoping to learn more about astrology and flower essences. Jen and JayP create a warm and thoughtful class, where I felt comfortable asking questions. They are both knowledgeable and attentive to nurturing the students in the class. I learned much more than I expected. We focused on using astrology to put our own lives in perspective. We practiced with flower essences and the support they give our spirits. There was growth. This was a valuable experience for me. With the flower essence I took I felt an immediate change, like my whole being was poised to the signal I received from the essence. The first week was a huge changed, as I started to piece together the information I needed to accomplish my goals. The second week was more calm, with the changes slowly working their way through the energy system. The third week I began to notice manifestations of the change. Memories of wishes and dreams were remembered. This fourth week it seems they are starting to take form."
~ Denise, Artist
Each participant worked with an individualized healing formula in-depth for one month. During the class each student also received a copy of their natal chart and an astrology map of key terms. Basic natal themes in the chart and key transits were discussed. Participants learned about their personal moon, nodal themes and aspects in their natal chart. They learned about how the moon signature and the nodes suggests key themes for developing emotional nourishment and happiness. There was a large emphasis on being present with emotions and opening to the inner space with the opportunity to create artwork and share insights.

One student worked with the flower essence Shasta Lily. She found that working with this flower supported her in her busy life to find a way to relax and develop time for receptivity. She felt more connected to a yin/pink energy after working with the essence and created the painting above to express this feeling. She felt she was more able to access a sense of inward contentment without needing to act or change outerworld circumstances.

Shasta Lily flower essence help a person to develop a balance regarding masculine strength and feminine grace. It supports development of a creative expression of feminine soul forces, individuality and internal strength in alignment with core feminine soul values.

Another student worked with a combination of Golden Ear Drops, Joshua Tree and Self Heal which is a formula designed for recalling and processing memories and patterns related to family of origin conditioning. She created her own flower essence from snow and developed an experiential ritual and poem to represent her experience working with formula.

Golden Ear Drops essence helps a person recall and develop insight, strength, wisdom regarding core experiences from their emotional history.

Joshua Tree support a person to develop individuation through conscious transformation of family patterns and related cultural conditioning.

Self Heal flower essence helps a person to align with lifestyle choices that lead to wellness and wholeness.

Another student worked with a Willow, Borage and Gentian which is a formula designed for uplifting depression and releasing grief while coping with the ending of a significant relationship.

Borage flower essence helps a person to develop buoyancy, courage and optimism in the face of difficult circumstance, heavy hearted grief and depression.

Willow flower essences helps a person to adapt to changing circumstances, accept, forgive and take responsibility for one’s life situation and transform emotional memories which may become bitter or resentful.

Gentian flower essence helps a person develop perseverance, confidence and faith despite setbacks or discouragement.

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