Highlights from Spring Flower Essence Class 2013

Here is some artwork from a few students who attended the 2013 Spring Introduction to Flower Essences Class. Each student created a plant study project after working with a formula for one month to express what they had learned.

This drawing and knitting project (a rebirthing blanket) was developed by a student who worked with the flower essence Morning Glory. She came to the class interested in learning about earth healing practices. She also had a desire to break a sugar addiction and become more connected to her natural rythms.

After working with Morning Glory flower essence she developed several new awarenesses. She found that trust and vulnerability is an innate and natural soul quality and now believes that there is a strength in vulnerability. She became conscious of how unhealthy patterns of behavior had influenced her and felt a new connection to the cycle of the seasons. She also developed a renewed ability to give in balance with receiving in a cycle of nourishment that she found represented in nature, rather than perpetuating old patterns of losing her energy by giving too much of herself away.

Morning Glory flower essence helps a person release addictive or erratic living habits that prevent being in touch with natural life rhythms, states of energy, and embodiment.

This is a poem written by a student who worked with the flower essence Goldenrod. She came to the class wanting to improve her relationships/sexuality and increase clarity toward her careers goals.

"Changing my frame of reference from the horizontal axis to balancing on the vertical axis increasingly well.
Hone my inner values and beliefs, until I am my own voice.
My energy is mine and I choose my path.
This is my life, one which I choose to live with joy, spontaneity and excitement and slowness with a quickness.
I am fiery and fierce, and slow and calm, like a slow spot on a wild river.
I am awakened and enlivened to the pure, unadulterated joy of a life in love with my higher self."

After working with Goldenrod flower essence she made several lifestyle changes that allowed her to assert her needs rather than continuing with an old pattern where she felt she was living too much for other people. She recalled memories from childhood where she didn't feel safe to express herself. She developed a new trust in herself and the universe by finding that the more comfortable she became in herself the easier it was for her to connect to others. She begin to find it safer to practice being her authentic self.

Goldenrod flower essence helps a person develop a secure sense of individuality that is balanced with group or social consciousness when they may have been overly influenced by group or cultural ties and are easily susceptible to peer pressure or external social demands.

A student who worked with Oregon Grape flower essence developed a greater awareness of her space and healthier boundaries. She recalled memories from childhood where she had learned not to trust others and begin to see the connection between those memories. She began to notice when she expected hostility and projected critically towards others such as her neighbors. She feels she is learning not to take things so personally and is more able to live in gratitude.

Oregon Grape flower essence helps a person to trust others and develop a positive expectation of good will and loving inclusion.

Several of the students in the class worked with the flower essence Columbine.
One student found after working with Columbine that she had developed a renewed sense of self confidence, and an ability to express herself artistically. Another student who worked with Columbine found that she was able to find more ownership of herself and all her experiences including vulnerabilities, pain and profound joy.

Columbine flower essence helps a person develop a radiant expression of one’s unique creativity and inspiration and a distinctive individuality as a source of luminosity for others. It is often given to those who may hesitate to develop inspired acting and speaking in the world.

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