Highlights from Summer Introduction to Flower Essences Class 2013

Students who attended the 2013 Introduction to Flower Essences Class at the The Herb Shoppe created some lovely artwork. Each student created a plant study project after working with a formula for one month to share their experiences with the flowers. Here is a description of their experiences.

This three dimensional sculpture and alter piece was created by a student who worked with the flower essence Poison Oak.

This student went through a deep experience with Poison Oak where she found she was able to confront her own “dark side” and develop a true sense of patience and understanding with other people while still being able to “set boundaries from the heart”. She finds she is now less guarded with others. During a meditation in the class she recalled a powerful memory of a cabin she spent time at with her family as a child. She was able to connect to the nature experiences at this cabin in a nostalgic way.

Poison Oak flower essence helps a person who tends to be reactive or rejecting in relationships out of fear of intimacy to develop positive vulnerability and the ability to make contact with others through touch.

Another student worked with the following affirmations and created a detailed plant study while taking the flower essence Columbine.

I embrace and cherish my own special beauty.
I embrace my differences and appreciate my worth.
I release all comparisons of myself with others.
I AM visceral body confidence for living a fully engaged and competent

While working with Columbine he found that he has was able to release tightness in his throat and feels he has developed less hesitancy when speaking. He finds that after working with the flowers he has become more playful, more relaxed and has begun to dream again.

Columbine flower essence supports a person who is hesitant about expressing their creativity and distinctive individuality develop radiant expression and inspired acting and speaking in the world.

One student worked with the flower essences Larch. She made the following picture and found she is more open to drawing and is now “not so freaked out with herself”.

After working with Larch she finds that she is feeling less self-conscious and is more able to express a full range of feelings including anger and displeasure.

Larch flower essence helps a person who tends toward self-censorship and lack of confidence develop the ability to risk spontaneous, confident and creative expression.

Another student worked with three flowers: Star of Bethlehem, Rosemary, and Self Heal. She made this collage about her experience.

After working with the flowers, she found that she has developed less tightness in her heart and generally feels less fragmented. While working with this formula she also feels intuitively drawn to other flower essences that felt more ethereal and lighting such as Angelica and Phantom Orchid.

Star of Bethlehem flower essence helps a person find comfort from the spiritual world and also find a sense of inner divinity and wholeness.

Rosemary flower essence supports healthy embodiment.

Self-Heal flower essence helps a person to make lifestyle choices that lead to wellness and wholeness.

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