Highlights from Winter 2014: Plants & Planets

This is a song written by a student to describe her experience in the class~

The moon is rising
I see it full
shining on me
I see a mountain
towering over
threatening to crumble on me.

And it's times like these
I feel so small and meek
Just a drop inside the ocean
vast and deep.

Then I look to the mountain
And I see my face carved out of its stone
Plunge in the water.

Let it begin to sink into my bones
Looking around I see the plants that dance for me
Asleep in the boughs of mother cedar tree
Bow to the elder roots grow into me.

The road is ramblin'
dark with just the light of your own heart to see
Hold out your lantern
Find it's just enough to illuminate your feet.

And it's times like these
I feel so small and meek
Just a drop inside the ocean
vast and deep.

Looking around I see
the sun the moon the sea
the love of the planets
flowers stars and trees
Awash in a dance
of cosmic unity.

written by Kaley Iacovetta ~

Several students commented that the Plants & Planets experience of shared witnessing enabled them to feel a deep sense of unity with the cosmos and each other. Each participant worked with an individualized healing formula in-depth for one month. During the class the students also received a copy of their natal chart and an astrology map of key terms. Basic natal themes in the chart and key transits were discussed. Participants learned about their personal moon (how you find nourishment), nodal themes (how you are growing) and aspects in their natal chart (current cosmological weather). They learned about how the natal chart can offer insight into lifestyle choices that honor temperament in a nonjudgemental way. There was a large emphasis on being present with emotions and opening to the inner space with the opportunity to create artwork and share insights.
Two students worked with the flower essence Self Heal. Ones student who was coping with chronic pain found that while taking Self Heal she was able to develop a kinder inner dialogue towards herself and acceptance of her limitations. She became more conscious of her needs for rest and her ability to hear and align with her bodies natural rhythms. Another student in the class who took Self Heal and noticed that her tendency for self criticism and drive for achievement was replaced by a gentle inner voice. She felt that she had become more mindful and that the softer she was with herself the more able she was to be open hearted towards her co-workers.

Self Heal flower essence helps a person to align with lifestyle choices that lead to wellness and wholeness.

Another student worked with the flower essence Blazing Star. She found that while working with this flower she became more aware of relationship dynamics. She also developed a new opening in heart and confidence in her voice. She felt she was able to begin to let go of some of her “armor” and made this collage containing the quote “Someday my brain will let me meet you” representing this new inner dialouge. She finds that she enjoys the soft way that flower essences catalyze shifts in consciousness.

Blazing Star flower essences support the alchemical union of feminine water with masculine so the soul can develop a dynamic balance between nurturance (heart) and will (gut).

Another student who has found decisiveness to be a chronic challenge in her life found that after working with Cerato she has begun to have a stronger sense of her intuitive knowing.

Cerato flower essence is a self confidence remedy that helps a person to trust thier intuition and develop a sense of certainty.

One student worked with the flower essence Tall Mt Larkspur. She was in the process of making some decisions about how to re-invent her work life. She felt while taking Tall Mt Larkspur she was learning to listen to her intuition more openly. She wrote this song about how she haa begun to experience connecting with the process of working with flower essences. After workign with the flowers she came to new clarity about how to reinvent her business in a way that felt more authentic to her creative vitality.

I empty myself.
I become like thin air.
Now I am ready to receive
Merging into your energy
Thank you sweet medicine, flowers divine.
Thank you, Oh thank you, I am greatful for you.
I welcome you Flower Spirit to wash through me.
To fill me and teach me and play with me
I open to messages and feel your flow through me
I empty myself so I can commune with/thee.
I empty myself to open to thee.

Tall Mountain Larkspur helps a person to receive and trust spiritual guidance and connect to higher dimensions of soul inspiration and leadership.

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