Highlights from Winter Flower Essence Class 2013

Here is some artwork from a few students who attended the 2013 Winter Introduction to Flower Essences Class. Each student created a plant study project after working with a formula for one month to express what they learned.
This pillowcase was made by a student who was experiencing hot flashes and insomnia from menopause.The pillow case is covered in Fuschia flowers.

After taking Fuschia flower essence she found her sleepless nights stopped within two days and she was able to access a dream state. She also found her hot flashes became less intense.
Fuschia flower essence helps a person to express intense emotions.

She developed this memory from childhood:
"Below three large windows at my grandmother's house in Argentina grew Fuschia bushes. They were the most beautiful flowers I knew their flower petals forming a soft nest and its stamen and pistol stood out like a mother bird and its babies. Is is a humming bird plant and it is delicate but generous and prolific."

This is a drawing by a student who worked with the flower Iris. He was feeling bogged down and lonely when completing daily work tasks.

Iris flower essence encourages a person to tap into soulful creativity and vision.

This collage was made by a student who worked with the essence formula: Hawthorne, Dandelion and Impatience. This formula was designed to help this hardworking acupuncturist develop the capacity to slow down and become receptive to the present the moment.

Dandelion flower essence helps a person develop inner ease in work and play.

Hawthorne flower essence helps a person develop positive assertive forces when they have an overly strong will that depletes heart balance.

Impatiens flower essence helps a person to flow harmoniously with time and daily rhythms and develop the patience to embrace life events and the pace of others.

One student worked with the gemstone essence Rose Quartz. She made Chocolate Rose Quartz cupcakes to represent the experience of self nourishment.

Rose Quartz gemstone helps a person develop unconditional self-love, healing of of the heart, and healing from trauma and of the inner child.

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