Spring 2013 Plant & Planets: Embracing your Inner Waters

Jaysen Paulson of Cosmophilia and The Portland School of Astrology co-taught this class with Jen Gouvea. It was a great collaboration.

The Plants and Planets four-week series was a huge success!! Each participant worked with an individualized healing formula in depth for one month. During the class each student also received a copy of their natal chart and an astrology map of key terms. Basic natal themes in the chart and key transits were discussed. Participants learned about their personal moon and aspects in their natal chart and a description for how this moon signature suggests key themes for emotional nourishment and happiness. The Water transits of this year and the grand trine in July (specific dates are July 17-19, 2013) were discussed as well as an experiential meditation and exercise. Key flower essences for understanding the sacred feminine and the balance between masculine and feminine were reviewed. There was a large emphasis on being present with emotions and opening to the inner space with the opportunity to create art work and share insights. Each participant experienced significant transformation. Here is a description of a few flower essences and healing themes people worked with...

"Through the Flower Essence and Astrology series with Jen and JayP, I have been empowered to further my personal journey in a deeper way than I've ever experienced. I first took Jen's Flower Essence class, learning and using a custom flower essence she chose for me. So I had already witnessed a profound awakening in my body and soul, as the flower essence helped me personally to explore and assert my life desires. Taking the class with Jen and JayP has given me a wonderful introduction to Astrology, and blended it with knowledge of the flower essences. My life and myself have changed so much over this short period of time, but it's more as if I'm awakening to who I am and am learning how to honor and move toward that person. I'm incredibly grateful to have received the amazing support and deep knowledge that both of these teachers have to share with others. During this time I've begun a journey of self discovery and personal power, making changes in my life that I'd felt were just beneath the surface for the past several years. I feel like I have been awakened, and am reconnecting with my entire body and soul. Some big changes are occurring in my life now, and I'm ready to embrace them."
- Melissa, student

One client who was coping with chronic pain issues worked with the flower essence Self Heal. After working with flower she begin reading the book “ You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay”. She found that she was able to experience deeper intimacy and sexual connection in her partnership.

Self Heal flower essence facilitates a person to tap into health-giving forces for body and soul and make lifestyle choices that lead to wellness and wholeness.

One student worked with three flowers: Mountain Pride, Red Larkspur and Self Heal. These flowers worked together to cataylize her ability to find courage to speak her truth in the world in a more powerful way. After working with the formula the student felt the drive to begin work on a book.

Red Larkspur flower essence supports a person to radiate energy through the body as a positive form of leadership and develop magnetic forces that catalyze and inspire energy in others.

Mountain Pride facilitates the development of forthright masculine energy in a person and a warrior-like spirituality which confronts and transforms.

Two students worked with the flower essence Star of Bethlehem. One participant felt after taking Star of Bethlehem that she was able to receive more joy in life and a find a greater connection to others. Another participant felt that she was able to develop a connection between her mind and emotions and find more perspective about past traumatic experiences. She realized that protection was possible in the present moment and also felt a greater ability to open her heart and receive support from communty.

Star of Bethlehem flower essence helps one to find comfort from the spiriutal world and develop a sense of wholeness after experience shock or trauma.

A participant who was coping with grief after loss of a pet was able to find a sense of internal groudning after working with Red Flowering Current flower essence.

Red Flowering Current flower essence helps a person feel supported and develop a sense of self reliance.

A new mom felt more capable of embracing her transition from career to stay at home motherhood after working with Walnut flower essence.

Walnut flower essence supports one to make healthy transitions in life and develop the inner strength to follow one’s own path and destiny.

One participant able to find meaning in her grief that she in unable to bear children. She found a sense o connection to her gudies and ancestors and felt more able to access her feelings and meaning behind loss. She believes that in finding the ability to heal others from the essence of her own deep loss that she can find healing for herself and a sense of purpose.

Tall Mt. Larkspur flower essence helps a person develop a sense of leadership based upon spiritual alignment.

Mt Forget Me Not flower essence support one to develop a connection with spiritual teachers and guides. It facilitates awareness of deep soul memory and of karmic patterns affecting one’s destiny and develop an alignment with one's soul’s life purpose through higher guidance.

Rue flower essence suports one to develop appropriate aspects of soul consciousness according to professional and personal responsibilities and a develop a sense of internal cohesion and containment of psychic forces.

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