Winter 2014 Sacred Feminine Class: Working in Depth with Flower Essences and Astrology

“Jen’s sharp and natural intuition and devotion to the feminine makes for a timely and powerful launching pad into so many internal and external areas. She’s a true teacher in that she inspires one to want to go deeper on multiple levels that speak to you. I’m greatful to her for such a graspable introduction to what vibrational healing really means and how it works. “
~ Jynx, counselor

This class was powerful and transformative experience! Each participant worked with an individualized healing formula in depth for one month. During the class, the students also received a copy of their natal chart and an astrology map of key terms which included the placements of the four asteroid goddesses: Vesta, Pallas Athena, Ceres and Juno and the planetoid, Chiron. Students learned about the mythological stories and psychological themes related to the relational and autonomous archetypes in the female psyche represented by the asteroids. Students also learned about the mythology of Chiron and how this archetype suggests a sacred wound and medicine path showing in the natal chart where a deep sense of purpose may be discovered. The books "Asteroid Goddess" by Demetra George and "Goddesses in Everywomen" by Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD were used as references.

There was a large emphasis on being present with emotions and opening to the inner space with the opportunity to create artwork and share insights. Many of the students in the class felt they could relate most strongly to the Goddess Archetype, Vesta. The Goddess Vesta is the keeper of the sacred fire and home. The placement by house and sign in the chart suggest where you may find fulfillment through commitment and dedication to a purpose and how you relate to sexual energy.
This collage was created by a student who worked with the flower essence formula Yarrow Environmental Solution.

Yarrow Environmental Solution supports a person to develop a strong auric field so they can remain open to others while staying self-contained. This formula contains five flowers: Pink Yarrow, Golden Yarrow, White Yarrow, Arnica and Echinacea.

This is a photo from an alter ceremony about the Asteroid Goddesses that was created by a student who worked with the flower essence Larch.

Larch flower essence helps a person develop the ability to be spontaneous with creative expression. Larch supports a person to develop confidence in speaking and taking risks with others.

These flower essence sprays were created by a student who worked with the flower essence Elm. After working with Elm she felt empowered to make new choices about work and decided to make these sprays to express her newfound connection to working with the flowers.

Elm flower essence support a person who is overwhelmed by dysfunctional personal or work conditions find the faith and confidence to shoulder responsibility effectively and find joy in their work.

This is a box created by a student who worked with flower essence Mountain Forget-Me-Not. She was grieving a loss. She created this box as ritual object to connect her to the spirit of her ancestors. She was surprised to find how present and concentrated she became while working on it.

Mt Forget-Me-Not helps a person develop a connection to the subtle realms, transpersonal relationships and a sense of alignment with soul’s life purpose/karmic patterns through higher guidance.

Wonderful art, Jen, and

Wonderful art, Jen, and taking in new media. I didn't recognize the elm, because where I come from, the elms all died of Dutch Elm disease. So I haven't seen elms in decades. I love tree. Donna

Mothers Thoughts

I find the above to be beautiful. Thanks for sharing with me.


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